KBC Birdshow 2022

Ali Bouresli Five Years In a Raw Champion

I have liked birds and
animals since I was a child and I
always looked at the details of any pets I kept.*
When I became an adult, I started to
breed canaries and then pigeons. By 2008
I started to be serious about breeding
zebra finches and I did well by breeding an
orange mutation with a unique shape. I
seemed to win every year as a champion in
local and Gulf countries shows until 2018
when I became an international zebra finch
judge.In 2015 the budgies caught my attention
And i started to look at pictures and videos
of budgerigars without knowing anything
about them. I just looked at the feather
and the shapes and how every bird had its
own style. At this time, I was the secretary
of the Kuwait Budgerigar Club, I was
introduced to budgerigars by a colleague and after
many visits and talks i decided to join the
budgerigar world.I started to look around globe and I was so picky in choosing the birds and I chose from UK for length and size and Germany, Netherlands and Belgium for modern shapes in 2015 I started with
6 pairs and some extra hens.”
I like to be one step ahead and I am very
fussy about details, so I insisted on making
my ‘budgie room’ unique and used all my
experience from my previous finch breeding

My Birdroom:
My budgie room is a porta-cabin type
building and has four windows, each with
its own electric shutter. These are wired
into the electrical timing system to enable a
sunrise and sunset to be created artificially.
Overall, the room is 6m x 3.9m and contains
two large flights – one for cocks the other
for hens. Four smaller for young birds and
48 0estringer breeding cages.
I tried to avoid the errors of my
previous birdrooms. It contains three
air conditioning systems, a fresh air
system with a big fan, a movable lighting
svstem that comes down to reach all the
cages with a UVI lighting, a humidifier, a
dishwasher, hospital cage, refrigerator and
plenty of storage. This is to accommodate
the high temperatures in Kuwait during
the summer which exceeds 50 degrees
centigrade and as low as 5 degrees or less
in the winter.


Shapes and types:
For my budgerigars, I had been focusing
on style and shape but with less extreme
feather but keeping the power and here
was the start of a new shape appearing in
my stud and what I call the cobra shape
after the ambarella shape.
These two shapes cannot be combined,
breeders can only have on or the other
although I have done this combination in the bird which won the BIS 2022


Diet and Health:
I am not only concerned about the shape
and feather in my birds, but also about their
health. I breeds around 800 budgerigars
each year and keeps them healthy and
I have tried many different seed and egg
food mixes but now I have made
my own mixture . I feeds my egg food mixture
daily together with fresh vegetables and
supplements. I always trie to give them
what they need continuously by updating
their diet.
My daily routine is much more
complicated compared to zebra finches as
these are much easier to breed although
they still have their challenges.’
The atmosphere of the birdroom is very
important also and the room must be noisy.
To provide comfortable temperatures for the
birds in Kuwait is a challenge and we must
use air conditioning at all times. This in turn
dries that air and so we must manage that as
well with humidifiers.

Experience with Budgie judging:
“I have met Ghalib Al-Nasser a few times
when he came to judge in Bahrain, and
I also had the pleasure of judging with
him in Jordan and Saudi Arabia; he
judged the budgerigars, and I judged
the zebra finches. Ghalib inspired me
to become a budgerigar judge and I em
now training to become a WB0 judge.
I had the privilege of being allowed to
become a trainee at the 2022 European
Championship Show in Karlsruhe under
Richard Miller who was judging the show
and it was a great experience for me.

History of winnigs:
-Budgerigar Club show in 2018 with GCC’s participation ,
Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex in Show (young birds).

– Budgerigar Club show in 2019
Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex in Show (young birds) , Best AA and Best AA OPP

– Budgerigar Club show in 2020
Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex in Show (young birds) , Best AA ,Best AA OPP and Best Rare

-Budgerigar Club show in 2021
Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex in Show (young birds) , Best AA ,Best AA OPP and Best Rare

-Budgerigar Club show in 2022
Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex in Show (young birds) , Best AA ,Best AA OPP and Best Rare

If anyone focused on my history they will notice that since I started to competing I always get (YB) which means that with every show I participate with a new generation, Meanwhile I still manage to win the AA.

Covid 19:
During 2020 and 2021, while all the
world was busy with the pandemic, I
focused on my birds even more.
“In Kuwait, following some months of
full lock down the rules started to change
and it was partially lifted to be only at
night-time. One of our club members
offered his house to hold the 2021 Kuwait
Budgerigar Club Show and Faisal AL-Zayed, who
is also the show manager, was chosen to
judge the show. I think this was the only
budgerigar show in the world.
KBC role in my breeding career was acknowledging this hobby and make big events to educate gather all of the members in the club,


My Advice:
My advice to all the fanciers is that it is
not about getting birds but how you work
with them. Many studs have reached the
top and have won many shows and their
birds are dispersed. To keep breeding
quality you need an open mind to get
what you lack in your birds by buying or
swapping – I don’t mind paying for a bird
that I want or for a feature that I lack in
my stud.